Plymer Kitchen

Plymer Kitchen

Polymer is a result of research and technological advancement. It was developed to make it extremely durable, either against heat, shock or scratches. It is actually a pine fiberboard (MDF) on which a sheet of plastic (PVC) which, by a heating process, will be cast on all sides, making this product more waterproof and resistant to kitchen activities. It presents a unique look compared to others commonly used materials and is increasing in popularity in modern kitchen designs not only for its high gloss finish that allows you to replaces lacquer for a lower cost, but also for the range of possibility it offers. Indeed, some polymers have a textured finish, which gives both character to your kitchen and makes the contrast of textures more impressive.

Polymer Coating in General means, the top layer applied on any substance for purposes like protection and decoration.

For example, the protective coating includes the coating of automotive body panels, Marine Coatings, etc by Polymers like Epoxy, Polyurethane and related Polymers.

Also the other example is Teflon Coating of kitchen wares, which is generally a coating of PTFE ( Poly tetra fluorocarbon ethylene).

The decorative coatings include Wood Coating, Wall Coatings, etc.. these use polymer resin like Acrylics, Polyurethane and Cellulose.

The mechanism of coating can be explained in simple manner, I.e., if a substrate has to be coated, it is applied with resin of any of above mentioned polymer, and after application, it is allowed to settle on the surface of the substrate, it is called curing, during this process, the resin gets polymerized.